Headliners: Ken Tizzard

Photo by Roland Wilhelm

Photo by Roland Wilhelm

Ken Tizzard is currently on tour in the United States with his second solo album Lost In Awe. Though his Monday night show in Portland was canceled, he took some time to speak with Northwest CanCon Editor Matthew Ginn at a noisy restaurant in Northeast Portland.

In the back of the tour bus, I would find myself listening to Nick Drake and Bob Dylan and Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen … one day I realized ‘Why am I not playing this type of music that I love listening to so much?’

On Lost In Awe, the former bass player with The Watchmen and Thornley contemplates the cost of years of living on the road as images of nicotine, alcohol and drugs weave into stories of loss, pain and loneliness. And yet, miraculously, it’s not depressing.

Tizzard puts it all on the line in this incredibly personal album, showing a vulnerable side that didn’t—couldn’t—be seen in his previous acts.

At first I had a really hard time writing this record, because I was so caught up in what I believed about myself and who I was.

Far from the big-label music industry machine, today’s Tizzard is a wiser, more mature artist with different aspirations. In Lost In Awe, he shares his life from this new perspective.

Hear Ken talks about how he got to that point, life as an independent solo artist, and where he’s going from here: Headliners: Ken Tizzard (14:45)

Tizzard is touring through the southern United States in August, and back in Ontario at the end of the month. The Watchmen are getting together for two special reunion shows in Toronto in September. Samples from the Lost In Awe CD are available on his website, www.KenTizzard.com.



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